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Recent Projects

Budget Maintenance

Technologies Used: Visual Basic, Oracle
Project Overview: Custom maintenance tool for modification of AOP and Forecasting data within client's data warehouse. This application features drill down functionality for modification of sales projection records both at the detail record level based on a customer, product, salesperson and plant and mass updates performed on hierarchical levels (i.e. Market Group, Market, Product Group, Product). The forecasting functionality offers the user the ability to modify forecasts for each month either manually or based on pre-determined mathematical models.

Certificate of Analysis Quality Application

Technologies Used: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Access
Project Overview: Quality Assurance Document Maintenance application for creating, maintaining, storing and printing of product quality documents. This application allows for customized quality reports to be created for a product as a template and then modified per individual customer's requirements. Reports are built based on the user's input of customer requirements and product characteristics and then printed, e-mailed and faxed from their dynamically created Microsoft Word document source.

Inventory Application

Technologies Used: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Access
Project Overview: Product inventory tracking application for monitoring product efficiency for a month by comparing on-hand quantities to amounts shipped and amounts consumed in production of other products. Inventory data for each product from various departments and various packaging (gals, lbs, tank cars, drums) is submitted to the application from Excel spreadsheets and converted to a common measure. This application interfaces with data from the Product Costing Application as well as the Shipping Application.

Product Costing

Technologies Used: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Access
Project Overview: The Product Costing application is a tool used by financial controllers to view the costs of finished products produced by a plant. The recipe for each product is entered by entering the amounts for each raw material used. Other departmental charges based on product group and various weight formulas based on the reactor groups from which the product was produced account for overhead costs. The result is a finished product cost. This application shares it's product attributes with the Inventory Application and the Shipping Application.

Safety Tracking

Technologies Used: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Access
Project Overview: The Safety Application is a suite of tools designed around the needs of a safety manager of a manufacturing facility. Functionality includes the tracking and classifying of all safety incidents and accidents. Items meeting certain criteria are automatically e-mailed to distribution lists maintained by the system for awareness. The application interfaces with Microsoft Exchange for e-mail list functionality. The application features rich search functions that allow the user to display items based on search criteria and functionality which depicts percentages of types of items compared to all items in the system. The application has many reports which are printed through Microsoft Word.

Shipping Application

Technologies Used: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Access, Oracle
Project Overview: The Shipping Application is a tool used for modifying existing shipping records and creating shipping reports using data from an Oracle based system. The application was made to bridge gaps in the Oracle based application and allow for a more intuitive, user-friendly format. The user enters search criteria for all shipping records within the Oracle system. Based on this criteria, the records are imported to an Access database and modified accordingly before the shipping reports are created. These reports are then faxed to customers. This application shares information with the Inventory Application for tracking amounts of a product shipped to customers.

Current Projects: web site development

Technologies Used: Macromedia DreamWeaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, ASP Pages, HTML, Java, VB Script, ADO, ODBC.
Projects Overview:
Various web site development and design, including a web application version of the safety tracking application.

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